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So.... Another update. The cruiser is still running strong with the swapped in motor and trans. I did have to replace the radiator last week. The original lasted 193k miles.

My wife and I went for a weekend stay at devils thumb ranch and on the way back to pick up the kids, I started to notice the trans acting weird. It would not hold a gear. Then I noticed a smell of something burning. I checked the rear view mirror to make sure no one was following close and couldn't see out the back window. It was completely covered in oil. We pulled over and smoke was pouring from underneath and fluid was everywhere!

Apparently I did not reinstall one of the trans cooler lines and it tangled with the engine fan.

Now my cruiser is rust proof. I fixed the damaged hose and all is well, but what a mess.
1994 FZJ80. Elocked, MAF 3/2 Lift, BFG 315 KM2s, stock 4.10s, ARB bullbar and a Warn 8074 winch.

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