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Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
TacoMedic, you have a stick or auto?

4.88's for 33's is gonna be deep on a stick, but probably very nice when hauling gear up the mountains, or if you plan to swap to 35's.

I think they'll be perfect for Shotshell's with the auto.

I have a stick in my 4runner with 285's and I swapped up to 4.3's out of an auto truck, and its just about perfect rev's wise, IMO. If I did not have a supercharger, I'd have looked to 4.56's for the extra grunt, but would not have liked the revs on the 4.88s. My dad has 4.3's with 265's and it revs pretty high.

Just something to consider, not trying to talk you out of it or anything, I just like running at lower engine speed on the highway, so I'm partial to the higher gears.

I have an auto. I've done a ton of reading on 4.56's vs 4.88's and I really think the 4.88's are going to suit my needs better, even for a daily driver. I have a ton of extra weight on my rig and make frequent trips up I-70. Not to mention, I'd love to tow a camper with this truck too.
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