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Default Oxy/Propane welder setup?

With the FJ gone and a replacement vehicle not on the horizon for awhile, I need something to do. Our new place has a great garage space for a workshop so, I'm looking to learn how to do some brazing and build some bike frames. Thinking about learning TIG as well but that's a ways off.

Anyway, I've been doing some digging around and have seen recommendations for an oxy/propane welding rig vs oxy/acetylene. I can use a regular propane tank and combine it with an oxygen concentrator. On paper, it seems like a pretty good setup. This is what the Google gave me for a parts list:

1. Propane tank from a local store
2. Propane regulator with 2 gauges for both line and tank pressures with CGA 510 tank fittings
3. 5 LPM Oxygen concentrator (it does not need an oxygen regulator)
a) or an oxygen tank from a local welding supply store
b) They come in 20, 40, 60, 80, 125, 150 and 251 cubic feet sizes with prices from $75 to $350
i) which requires an oxygen regulator. It is preferable to get one with the least wide oxygen pressure settings (like 0 40 psi instead of 0 100)
4. Type T 3/16" hoses (the smallest) with B fittings on each end (probably 12 foot length 25 or 50 ft. is also an option)
5. "B" size flashback arrestors to connect the 2 hoses
6. Smith Kevlar 10' hose with A and B fittings ($70+) (Smith part # 14779-4-10) (this is optional since you can run a T hose to the torch)
a) or TM technologies light hose (item # AWS-0052) ($45)
7. "A" size check valves that stop the back flow of gas but not a flame (can be optional).
8. Uniweld 71 "airline" torch handle
a) or the Gentec or Metalmaster 140T or the Victor J-28
9. Gentec 881 elbow (the equivalent to the Victor UN-J) (Victor part # 0325-0101) (this unit also needs a separate screw-on TEN tip)
a) with Gentec 883TEN-2 screw-on tip (the equivalent of the Victor 2-TEN tip Victor part # 0311-0485)
i)one might also want a size 3 and maybe a 4 (Gentec 883TEN-3 & 883TEN-4) or (Victor 0311-0486 & 0311-0487)
a)Another elbow tip all in one option is the Uniweld 17-2 all fuel brazing tip (one might also want the 17-3 size)
Do any of you have or used this setup? What are your thoughts? Does that above list make sense?

I'm going to run over to General Air next month for their oxy/acetylene class. Figured that would make a good intro.
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