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Is there a "most common"
220v receptacle for air compressors,
I know that's a loaded question but I have an electrician coming out to do a bunch of work I was going to have him add a 220 for my welder while he is here
and also a 220 for an air compressro that I have yet to buy.

most installation manuals that I can find for various 220/230 compressors call for a 15 amp like this:
-- ---

but then some like the quincy above that Corbet mentions (manual here: )
don't even specify
so maybe the only answer is buy the compressor I want then wire up the plug after,
I'm trying to put the cart before the horse here, since the cart (the electrician) will be on premise anyway and the horse has yet to arrive.

let me know if anyone has any other ideas other than buying the desired compressor first
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