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Default Rebuild or Replace Rear 80 Driveshaft?

So I've got some small vibes on the 80 that I think are due to the rear DS. I had pulled it a few weeks ago before my last trip to UT and took it to boulder driveline. The Ujoints are "OK". No play but one is a bit sticky. The slip yolk has a slight amount of up/down play which is where I think the vibes are coming from. I did pull it apart and grease it up fresh but vibes still persist.

Boulder Driveline can do a rebuild and weld on the new slip yolk for about 250 bucks. Plus if I add in ~100 worth of Toyota U-joints and and labor to have them installed, I am looking at about 400 for a rebuild. He can't balance the shaft as-is due to the slight play in the slip yolk.

Or I could just purchase a replacement new shaft from cdan and either sell/gift the old one to someone as a trail spare or pull the ujoints for trail spares? Suspect a new one would run ~400 after shipping as well.

Any thoughts one way or the other?

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