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Default Emissions test crash and burn

Well I'm new to Colorado and I took my 1987 FJ60 (stock) to get emissions tested and registered and I'm lucky they didn't call the EPA on me!

Here's where I need help. The HC GPM reading was 15.3996 (limit 3.5000) Fail and the CO GPM reading was 149.5835 (limit 30.0000) Fail.

CO2 GPM was 790.3206 and NOx GPM was 0.5086 (limit 5.5000) Pass. Visual inspection Pass.

The paperwork states that high HC readings are a result of unburied or partially burned fuel and the high CO readings are a result of air/fuel mixture is too rich.

I have 232581 miles on a stock engine. Rebuilt the OEM carb 7-8 years ago with rebuild kit, stock Toyota exhaust, Cat. The truck has lived the last 10 years in the Midwest without any problems and no emissions testing. I brought the truck out to Colorado earlier this year and other then it not liking going up the steep mountain roads and having a tough time restarting after driving awhile (cooling fan works) it runs like a champ.

I can turn a wrench on almost anything on this truck, but in have no clue where to start on emissions. Any help would be greatly appreciated and/or a referal to a good Toyota carb/emissions machanic!

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