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Default engine assembly continued a little bit of time in the garage

got the front end plate (or crank case plate) or whatever other name put on.

used a little permatex sealer on both sides of the OEM gasket. I wouldn't have except the 2f manual actually called for it...

also used the later style tapered torx screws instead of the slotted screws. (torx screw part number 90149-10001)

some 2f's from reading seem to have shorter screws such that the newer torx screws are longer than the original slotted screws. Not the case here, the torx and originals were the same exact length.

"staked" them down in a manner that I think is good.

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I then lubed up the cam real good and sloppy then stabbed it with #6 at TDC, which was the most convenient to line up the timing marks (teq logo on OEM crank) and the dot on the new Melling Camshaft.

I staked the oil squirter in two places once I had the hole was straight down at the two gears

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Hope to get some more time Saturday at some point to get some more progress done.

Oh btw another lesson learned: when the powder coater coats the inside of the timing cover seal surface ... don't try to pound a seal in there...that little bit of powder coat is enough to not be able to get the front seal in without ruining it. I sanded out the powder on the inside seal surface, waiting on another crank seal now.
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