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Default I need to change to a build thread now !

My truck needs a name !

I have been busy fixing all the rust, it was very easy.
Then I removed the bed and vacuumed the frame removing a lot more sand. And finding out that the frame is actually a lot worse than I thought.

So i called Toyota to run my vin number for the frame replacement recall.
And it's covered !! WOOT WOOT
then he tells me it's unlimited miles 15 years from date of sale.
Aww missed it by 1 year. January 8 2013
Well..... I Geuss I'm fixing it Again.
So with the new information of the very bad rust. I have decided to scrap my plans of just making it pretty and driving it for the time being. And jumping straight into the truggy. But I realized that I can't make real plans and budget untill I know exactly what I'm working with so......

I went out and bought BendTech Pro & BendTech Sheet Medal.
And have finalized my truggy plans.

So now I know how much steel I'm going to need, how much my truggy tube is going to weigh (which is less than the bed & frame)..
But while designing I decided that I need to also do either a internal cage (which I don't really like because of the room it takes up inside) or a Exo cage (which I don't really like because they have a tendency to be ugly)

What are your thoughts on internal or Exo ?
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