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Default engine assembly continued... pump and pan question

the block i'm using is a 78 block

I have both styles of pumps, integrated pickup and the basket style pickup separate from the pump....

6/76 the pumps and pans changed part numbers...

so what I don't know is if the pan below is the later style pan or the earlier style pan ????.

I prefer to use the new style pump cause I have a new one but I don't want to use the 'wrong' pump for 'this' pan..

so is this the "right" pan for the newer style pump? I've searched extensively and can't find a good picture of new style and old style pumps to pan

'old' and 'new' style pumps:
Name:  pumps.jpg
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'old' style pickup
Name:  pickup.jpg
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the pan
Name:  pan.jpg
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