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Originally Posted by FJCDan View Post
We decided to try out the new pop up camper this weekend. we started out tyring to get up to Lamertine mine area and Ute Creek, ya right ran into 3-4 foot of snow. next we headed for Slaughter house, got up there late set up camper and got the furnance going quickly, tried to sleep but trucks going by late at night doing night runs. Weather sucked all weekend rain,rain, more rain, hail and more hail. at one point it started to rain at 4:00 Saturday and rained for 12 hours. finally got to run trail on Sunday after a good hail storm so trail was very wet and muddy, it was me and my Son in law with his Jeep Wrangler which is all stock right and never had any problems. The only problem we had was all the idiots that were tearing up the meadow and getting stuck, trucks, ATV'S, side by sides, and worst of all Rubicons. No Toyotas because they were the ones pulling them out and letting them know what they were doing was illegal. in fact on Saturday a man walked up to our camp and asked me for a favor, I asked are you stuck in the bog? yes I am, so I went down ther to pull him out and just as I am getting ready to hook up to him a Park county sheriff shows up and starts taking pic's and plate numbers so tell him that he walked up for help and I was just telling him about stay the trail and he could be in trouble for this. guess what he was driving? If you guessed Rubicon your a winner. He tried to offer me money for getting him out, I refused and told him to pay it forward and do the same and learn about trail useage. Then on Sunday afternoon a division of wildlife ranger and 3 sheriffs went by our camp looking for someone. I thought it might be the Toyota guys because they spent alot of time at the mud bog. Later I found they were pulling people out and letting know they were in there illegally, the sheriffs were looking for a bunch of Atv's. Then on Monday as we were packing Travis and Justin came by.
It was good to see you guys out there.

We ran the trail and then on our way out there were several belligerent idiots stuck in that same bog. Justin confronted them about it, and took pics. But you could tell they didn't give two s**ts about it. Those kinds of people make me so mad. They're the reason why so many trails get shut down. The lack of responsibility and overall carelessness of so many people is really frustrating.

And yeah, Rubicon drivers….what is the deal? lol
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