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Ya Rubiscum drivers were the worst violators we saw out there. Most of them were on there own or with another. Mile high jeep club came through on Saturday and I'm sure they wern't pleased with what they saw. I checked out Front Range 4x4 forum last night since we ran in 3 of them on Sunday. they said the same that it is out of control. On there way out they pulled out a lone stock FJCruiser in the mud, which we passed along the trail earlier. Another loner thinking he can make through. I have been in touch with Sam from Stay the Trail, he has been talking to the Land manager for the South Platte RD and he is putting together a group together for this Satuday to put up signs and some kind of fencing to stop this from getting worse. I will post up details as I can. They are looking for volunteers to help. I wish I could go but work calls.
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