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Originally Posted by Squishy! View Post
Alright here's an update. Here's the turnoff we'll be taking to the campsite:

Dropped Pin
near Argentine Central Railroad Grade, Silver Plume, CO 80476

We'll be before or at the old stone chimney. My goal is to be in Georgetown by 7:30-8:00 Friday evening. I'm not on HAM, but I will be on CB channel 4. Anyone else interested to meet up?
Camping near Pavillion Point is a great idea!

I can try to meet up with you briefly on Friday night. I'm so far planning on landing at DIA at 5:45PM, which usually puts me back in Dumont around 7:30PM. So I can probably hop on up there if everything goes to plan.

Another idea (thanks Tim!):

Do we want to have anyone hang out at the bottom of the trail to hand our MVUMs and generally greet and talk with other users? I'll volunteer myself if nobody else is up for it.

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