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Originally Posted by nuclearlemon View Post
you might like gears on a couple of the trails. steep passes suck with a dog engine and redcone and mosquito will do a better job keeping your seatcushions out of your butt with gears to slow you down...redcone for the potential roll off the trail factor and mosquito for it's bounce factor.
Dog engine? I just passed half of the traffic on I-70 eastbound Floyd Hill and reached the top at 55mph. On 35" Swampers and a hot day, no less. The 3FE is NOT a dog engine. But then, you already knew that, didn't you Ige?
Before that, it was big fun today wheeling Bill Moore Lake and then down Red Elephant Hill with Alex Bingham, son of former Rising Sunner James Bingham and his friend Will who now wrenches at Slee Off Road.
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