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Originally Posted by mozes View Post
Nah if I go I'll be tail gunner. I'm good with that. Winter time will be re gear time. Have an ARB in the front. Will need to gf et a rear locker when I do the re gear so I can do all at once. 5.29s for sure. Will I slow everyone down too much?
Only one way to find out .... hit the trail.

I have to imagine it won't be an issue on the trails. We may have a few short steep climbs, and we will be at some high elevations, but no extremely technical trail surfaces.

We will have some sections of highway at which we'd hopefully have regular highway cruising speeds of 65-75. No speed contests but if someone needs to cruise at 55mph then a 600 mile trip to SLC may be pushing it in a week. The biggest highway day will be a 250 mile Thursday after a portion of the Kokopelli trail. We will go from near Westwater, UT to near the Little Sahara Recreation Area. Mostly flat, only a few climbs. No hurry and if someone really wanted to go fast or slow we can find ways to let people travel the pavement at their own paces. On the trail we must be a team. Feel free to PM or e-mail me to discuss.
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