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Originally Posted by imhighlander View Post

My buddy is interested in this rig but the "moving to Europe" line and the list of service items is a bit sketchy. Any thoughts, including "Run, Forrest!!!" would be appreciated.

More to the subject line, does anyone in RS have a good PPI form for 80s and 100s Cruisers? I'll look on mud, too, but figured I'd start with the home team.


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I'd be less concerned with the whole moving to Europe thing and more concerned about 4 low not working personally! People move around all the time and one I looked at last year the girl told me that she was moving to New Zealand in 10 days, and sure enough when I called in two weeks her roommate answered the phone and said she was in New Zealand and the truck was gone!

Here's Slee's guide to both trucks: (URL reads 100 but it's for 80s)
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