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Originally Posted by Crash View Post
I've driven several Cruisers cross country for friends pretty much for the adventure. My buddy, Sea Knight, on Mud, and I have a loosely formed company we call Old Guys Cruiser Transport and we have successfully delivered numerous 40s and 60 series Cruisers to their new owners. Us old retired guys have to have some adventure in our lives and helping friends connect with new to them Cruisers is rewarding. My last trip was for Gary Waggoner - he flew me out to Indiana and I drove a pristine FJ62 back to Denver. Before that, I helped facilitate a deal on a Denver 62 for a friend and then drove it to him in Atlanta, GA. Sea Knight and I simply love the adventure of driving old Cruisers, you may have read his thread on IH8MUD about driving a 40 from Austin, TX, to Hawaii for a friend's brother. He hasn't finished the story yet but it aptly describes the fun of being on the road in a Cruiser. If you haven't seen this thread, check it out on the 40 series section - it's a sticky call Saving the Old Rust Bucket.
Anyway, if this sounds like a possibility to you, shoot me a pm and we can discuss it.
I remember reading Sea Knight's story from one of those trips...truly awesome. This might be the way to go.
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