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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Looking good! I've got the white belt line too..

Though I saw a white 100 that did black from the beltline down and thought it looked really sharp. I also like how you did your emblems, I need to do that as mine are still goldish.
your 100 looks sweet! exactly what I want to get to eventually. I saw the one that did black from the beltline down a few weeks back or so and cannot find it again but it did look good. Emblems turned out pretty good considering how easy they were to do. really made a difference.

Originally Posted by OilHammer View Post
Nice! I'll swing over later this week and park next to you so you can get a feel for the OME lift and one size larger tires. I'm not really fond of the OME shocks unless you plan to run a good bit of extra weight, but the ride stance looks much better slightly lifted in my opinion.
cool, it will be good to compare. I slapped on some tundra rims with 275/65/18's this evening which gives it a little more height.
S4 avant

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