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Default Triple Bypass 2005

The triple bypass was great as usual again this year. There were only 4 rigs, Bruce Miller, Ross Miller, Kyle Bennett and Myself. We started out leaving Crested Butte at 8:00AM sharp saturday morning, and headed south toward the trailhead for Pearl Pass. We kept a brisk pace untill it was necessary to air down a mile or so before the official trailhead. While we aired down, a fullsize chevy pickup passed us. When we got underway, it was evident that the chevy was going to give us something to curse as well as laugh at. After several stops, where the chevy had to pick a line suitable for its length, he headed off in one direction, and we kept on toward the summit.

About 2 miles or so before the summit, we encountered a mud hole. Instead of going around and making more mess and destroying the tundra, we decided to gingerly go through it. Everyone but me got through without help. I guess having a front locker might have been the ticket.

We approached the summit at about 10:45 am, where we took some quick shots and continued on. This was where we ran into our first snowfield. While passable without need for shovel, it made for a side-winding ride as we slid back and forth. Through the snow, we kept a good pace heading down to the north side trailhead where I came across several fields of Columbine flowers, and had to take some pictures. From here to the ghost town of Ashcroft we made good time, arriving at Ashcroft at about 11:30.

After a quick potty break, we headed out for Taylor pass. This was when it started to drizzle. After passing a few H*@Ps, we switched-back several times on a few ledges until reaching the top about 12:30pm, where we ran into the friendly ranger. After a few words with the ranger, it was down the west road to Taylor Lake for lunch, fishing and to stretch the legs. Fortunately the rain stopped enough for us to enjoy the lake. We stayed at Taylor Lake for about an hour and a half before continuing on down toward Dorchester campground. This is a nice but bumpy ride. It goes along the stream for a bit, and has a few obstacles worth trying.

When we reached dorchester, it was about 3:00pm. I switched places with my wife so she could shake the living begeeses out of me and our daughter instead of the other way round on the way up Italian Creek. I had never been on this road before, and the fac that there were a few inholdings with cabins on them was interesting. I was not aware that they were there. The drizzling stopped, but the clouds stayed.

The ride up until the shelf road was moderate, but when my wife saw the shelf road she said "hell no" and we switched places. We all made it to the top, but I must admidt, you never know when that one rock will give way to the road falling down the hill. Pretty spooky. After the shelf road, the trail went back to moderate until we reached the forest access road which was basically paved dirt. From there it was an easy ride into Crested Butte. We arrived in Crested Butte at about 6:00Pm just in time to head to the pub to enjoy a couple frothy ones and talk about the day.
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