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Default rear bumper on 60 - replace or improve?

So the long story is I just got the quarters trimmed up and want to add some protection back there. Additionally, I don't want to carry my fuel on the roof anymore (I'm short so it's pretty inconvenient, and...the fuel cans interfere with the RTT bows).

so I get to thinking and ball parking the dollar amounts on what i think I want to accomplish:

rear quarter protection: I think I prefer mini-sliders like what Crash has.

Bumper Mods:
- Second swing out or one long swing out to add fuel can carrier.
- add towing receiver (currently none)
- maybe provision for flush mount LED b/u or flood lights
- integrated rear quarter protection instead of mini sliders? (meh)
- re-powdercoat

I verrry briefly spoke with Redline and his quote to make the changes were about as much as I paid for the bumper. It does make sense...lots of labor involved. pre-made ones with dual swing outs can be had - like this (pricey):

also in Kit form (still have to have someone weld it up (like 4x4 labs)

when adding it all up...there's no denying it. wicked expensive.

with all that...what's your advice on selling the current bumper to help fund a pre-made, bolt and go option or get the changes made to the current setup?? any other bumper advice ?

Looks like I should really learn to so I can make a custom bumper - but that aint' happening anytime soon. and...since threads suck without pics...
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