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Default Since this thread has already been hijacked to moose stories...

My moose story came from just last year. I was up near Tabernash scouting some area I haven't been to before. I found this powerline road that was very steep and the snopw was 12+ inches deep. I was turnin and burnin in Longgrain making fresh tracks in the snow (previous attempts by lesser vehicles had stopped way back at the beginning) and just as I reached the top of the hill I spotted movement. At first I thought they were Elk until I rounded the corner and seen this mamoth of a moose directly ahead of me. I snapped this pic through the windshield as I was still throwing snow hard and couldn't stop. The pic does this animal no justice! The snow here was at least 2 foot deep and it wasn't even up to his knees! After stopping about where he is in the pic I looked around. Lokks like there was at least 5 of them bedded down on the road I just came up and so rudely interupted! Monster size animals! dang cool thing to see!!!!!!!!
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