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Had a good time at Argentine Pass yesterday. Had a smaller turn out, but we did get a lot done. Line up was Bill Morgan in Red Chili, Ige in the 60. I'm drawing a blank on his name but am thinking it's Joe(?) think he was Enzo on the old board??? Sorry. He was driving a nice built 80. Wes who showed up as we started the cleanup of the poopers. And myself in the 4runner. Was wondering if Jeff was going to show up in the pickup, he didnt after all.. My gues was he either slept in our had to go to a wedding. We had to make a short stop on the way up as Bill had some mexican food on the way back from farmington and wasnt setting so well........
We headed up the lower powerline road in order to get to the campsite. And on the way up, I noticed another toilet. It was odd because it wasnt in a campsite..... Will have to get to that next year. The clean up of the toilet/campsite actualy went fairley quik. There was a little bit of a hole dug where it sat so all we had to do was cover it up, then destroy the toilet. We found a bunch of broken glass in the campfire ring, so we also cleaned that out. Man it looks nice there now.

O.k, someone is going to have to show me how to upload pics on this befor I can post the images..... Dont see any of that browse button like on the old forum.....
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