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We had a great time as well. Gotta love a party in the snow with about 6 or 7 Golden Retardeds. Mine slept like a log last night, must have been some great woods running while the people were messing around with the fire.

Interesting seeing Hwy. 93 completely shut down for the biggest DUI sting I'd ever seen. No problem getting through since my kids cold feet pre-empted any beer drinking for me. Realized this morning that I got lucky though, I put my cup of homebrew (sampled only, still over 1/4 full) upright in the back of the 62 while I was loading up the kids. Found it this morning, not even spilled. Could have been a long night had that spilled and kindly officer Dan noticed the aroma.

All's well that ends well, even if I did kill the gas pump in Downieville. I'll blame it on the guy behind me, he was making me nervous.

Here's a couple pics, one of the spooky night run spooky fire. I think I see some of the headless people! The second is of my youngest, happy to be back in the truck and out of the snow, but still proudly in costume.

Thanks again Tim.
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