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Default lessons learned...

Well...what a run!! As hard as it is to look at the damage to my previously perrrrfect FJ60. It could have been alot worse, I think I'm actually lucky the Chevy stopped me before I carreened backwards into the woods.

Lesson #1: Pay closer attention to where the guys in front of you stop. I shouldn't have stopped on the hill.

Lesson #2: If you do stop on an icy, snowy hill - throw a strap on the guy in front of you who's on flat ground.

Lesson #3: it's just metal and plastic.

Lesson #4: Maybe I could use this as justification to buy a winch? (I wish)

TreeRoot: THANKS!! I think want a peice from that 60 of yours. I'm going to have someone look at it to fix'er up a bit and let you know what is needed. It punched in the quarter pretty good and I can't open the lower tailgate the way it's bent.

WHAT A MEMORABLE RUN! and Thanks for your support in this trying time

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