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Lightbulb Northern Colorado/Southern Wyoming Cruiser Club!


I am exploring the idea of starting a Land Cruiser Club for those located in N. Colorado and S. Wyoming.

NOTE: The purpose of this announcement is not in any way an effort to recruit Rising Sun member to another club. This is being posted here on the chance that there are some who view the Rising Sun forums that might be interested in a club that would meet in the above mentioned geography.

As you may know, I am a member of the Rising Sun 4 Wheel Drive Club of Colorado that meets in W. Denver. My location (Fort Collins) prevents me from getting to meetings regularly, and makes it difficult to drive my 40 to meetings. I have tried to get a few of my buddies from around here (1 in Ft Collins, 1 in Greeley) and they balked at spending 1 hour (or longer if we drive a Cruiser) on the road, 1 way, to go to a meeting. I have not made a RS run for location reasons as well.

I have received some positive signals on the forums of IH8MUD and decide to go forward with this idea for a club.

This club would serve to:
- Provide an organized group for Land Cruiser (and other Toyota 4x4) owners to join.
- Provide a mechanism for Land Cruiser (and other Toyota 4x4) owners to organize and execute trail runs in beautiful N. Colorado and S. Wyoming.
- Provide a means for club members to seek and provide technical assistance for their Cruisers.
- Promote a positive image of 4 wheel drive recreation on public lands.

I want to emphasize that I think there would be many opportunities for this yet-to-be named club to collaborate with Rising Sun for fun wheeling and non-wheeling events. I think that an organized effort to serve those who enjoy Toyota 4 Wheel Drive vehicles will ultimately benefit Rising Sun and the TLCA. I have talked to Matt Farr and Jeff Zepp about my efforts and have received their best wishes in this effort.

Woody has set up a forum in the Clubhouse Corner on IH8MUD for us.

If you are interested in this new club, please visit:

1978 FJ-40
TLCA #10713
Rising Sun 4 Wheel Drive Club of Colorado
Fort Collins, CO

1978 FJ-40
1974 FJ-55 w/ 3FE

TLCA #10713

CO/WY Horsetooth 4 Wheelers Cruiser Club - Click Here!
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