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Default Guanella Pass Run #2

Had a good run. Just Brown and I. We got a few miles up the main road, the snow conditions changed, we would break through, get high centered and stuck. We were both stuck at one point. Fortunately at that point he was in front of me, so I winched him out, then he strapped me. We were backing out when some jeeps on 35's and 37's came up. One of the jeeps strapped me, Mike strapped on of the jeeps. They only made it 100ft past us. We then went back down and went up the Geneva road a ways, got stuck a few more times had lunch. I took off my chains and we went to Slaughterhouse around 1pm.

Slaughterhouse was fun. We worked our way to a spot where several jeeps were gathered. A large jeep on 37's was struggling. No one had cut the trail ahead. It was the last corner through the trees before you came around to stump hill. It was drifted up pretty deep. One of the Rubicon's was chained in the front. But these guys seemed to struggle. They go out of the way and let me give it a go. I wasn't chained up, but managed to get past their tracks and cut fresh tracks another 50 ft. Which was rewarding. I was wishing a few of the big boys from Rising Sun were there, I bet you guys could have broke through. I backed down safely but got stuck in the tough spot and let the chained rubi strap me back. It took him forever to get me out. He then went for it but couldn't get past the tough spot. I let the others strap him out and we took off at 2:30pm.

It was a nice change of scenery, but I'll be ready for Yankee next.

The 4th picture is the end of the road for us on Guanella.
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