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Jeff - Basically the forum database got deleted by a turkish hacker. Our hosting company was supposed to be backing up or site nitely. That process broke (see New BB ) thread for their explanation and sorry ass applogy. My only backup was from April. Major mistake. Everything since then as far as posts go, is gone. Attachments and uploads are still in tact. We voted and decided to buy this software because it is very secure and I'm sick of HACKERS messin' with our old free and insecure software. That vote was on the old forum with a VERY old backup, since then I restored to the april back-up, so that version doesn't have the "here's what happened, please vote" thread anymore (though it is backed up). Matt bought it with our Paypal account, I installed and configured it, and Wes has been a HUGE help with administration. All in all about a 20 hour turn around from when we were hacked to when we went live with the new stuff.
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