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Default 3.0 yank

Hmm, We've done this on Jkimmel's truck.

Leave the tranny. To get to the top 2 bolts, use a 3 foot extention, a wobble head at the socket and lower the back of the tranny down a bit.

label and unplug all the wires/hoes at the engine side of things. There is no good natural unplug point unless you count the computer. An option is to unbolt the vacume switches from the fender and drap them over the engine.

You do not have to take any steering parts off to pull the engine (I don't think) With the tranny tilted down in the back, the pan will clear as go forward/up. If you do need room, unbolt the idler arm from the frame that'll buy you a little bit more room.

The engine has to go up a LONG WAY to get over the front of the truck. Make ure you leave enough room on your engine hoist. (chain it CLOSE)
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