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Originally Posted by powderpig
The circuit board set up was to allow the pump to auto turn off when the rear tank was empty, and I believe when the main tank was full. I just have a relay that a switch turns on and I watch when the main is full. I have a true transfer pump that does not mind being run dry when the aux tank is empty. real simple.
As for the wiring diagrams, the EWD book toyota sell is about the best, it has all the wireing as well as the connectors so you can be sure you are on the right bundle, it also shows in most cases where these specific connectors can be found.
hope this helps. later robbie

Thanks Robbie. I think I have the EWD book you are talking about.

I wasn't the one who removed the circuit from Kendall's truck but I think it was still wired in at the time. But my pump would not shut off automatically. This would be a nice feature I guess but not necessary. Maybe I will contact Slee to see if they have more info if I can't figure it out. I'll post back in a day or two.

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