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Default Passing Colorado Emissions fj40


Moved out here to this great state this summer, been traveling and starting a new job since... figure it is high time to get the 40 registered and tagged. I have my carb set for lower altitude, Jim C. rebuild, and I have not adjusted the timing, it is a late model fj60 electric ignition and fat dizzy. Otherwise it is a stock 76 fj40 with a 85 fj60 engine.

My questions are, do I need to have the stock equipment in place when I get checked? Should I rejet the carb now? What happens if I fail, is there a time limit to getting it fixed? Any tricks or tips to getting it through on my first try? This is my DD so I cant afford much down time.

I am just trying to avoid any huge delay or unexpected drama come test time.

Thanks in advance for your time-

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