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Originally Posted by Rezarf
Thanks for all the tips guys.

I desmogged my cruiser years ago, and have all the stuff lying in a box in the garage... air pump and hoses... does that all need to be there to pass a visual inspection or anthing? I would like to get it as close to passing the first time as possible.

I am running headers, no air rail, no nothing really.

Anyone on the carb rejet

Thanks in advance-

Drew <><
In a word: NO. As I mentioned, my '76 is also completely desmogged. I passed emissions with just a simple carb adjustment. I would say just take it in and try, you'll probably fail, but it doesn't cost you any extra, and the read out will tell a mechanic, or you if you're way smarter than me, exactly what they need to do. My sea-level carb passed and runs great without being rejetted, and passed the 2nd time no problem.
1996 4Runner
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