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Originally Posted by Hulk
If they know what they are doing, the emissions tester guys WILL look for the airrail and smog pump. Matt, you got lucky.

My 40 fails every year. The tags expired in September -- I'm waiting until January so that it will be 25 years old and I can get the 5-year plates (it's a 1981 model).

TJ, they shouldn't have put you on the rollers. Vehicles from 1981 and older require tail pipe emission tests only.

I don't know, I thought '76 was old enough for tail pipe test only. Anyway, I had it in there twice, and the fact that my entire exhaust system consists of an old SOR header and a muffler never came up. Maybe just take it where I took it. It's the emissions test place on airport road in Boulder. They seem to put a lot of time into testing the gas tank cap, maybe that's all that they covered in their training. Anyway, now I've got the 5 year plates, so I don't plan to worry about it again until 2009

I did see the lady nearly put an old full size dodge through the wall last week when I was getting my wife's suby tested. Very big probably early '80s Dodge with a plow hitch and some tall skinny muds on it, with a very straight and clean body that the guy had obviously put some time into. She was trying to drive it off the rollers, and had the back end bouncing from side to side pretty wildly. I wanted to talk to the guy about his truck, but he went running out of the waiting room with this horrified look on his face.

Anyway, back on topic. To me a potentially failed test is worth it, you'll either pass or know exactly what you need to pass.
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