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Originally Posted by Hulk
I don't know if they will crash any browsers in 2005. But I know that regular baseline jpegs will not, so that is what I use. Maybe I'm just overly cautious, but re-saving graphics is tedious work.
Interesting. I remember @home was about the very first broadband provider that I ever heard of. Didn't they totally go out of business or get bought out or something a few years back?

But it's good to remember that not everyone uses the latest and greatest, heck I installed Firefox 1.0.4 just a couple months ago and it's already up to 1.0.6. This was upgrading three different computers from Firebird 0.6 and 0.7. The newest vehicle I own is my 1978 Land Cruiser. I have 2 computers at home, both running Win 98. One's got a Pentium MMX 166MHz/3.2GB/128MB and the other has a PII 400MHz/13GB/128MB. The slow one doesn't even have a CD burner, and they're both on dial-up.

You're not kidding that re-doing graphics is time consuming! One of the reasons I don't update my site as often as I'd like is finding time to format the photos. Anybody know of a free-ware utility that would go through a directory's worth of jpgs and automatically process and re-save them? I look at from time to time but have never really run across anything. Supposedly, if you are running *nix you can get some open source gnu-ware that can do that sort of thing.
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