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Originally Posted by Crash View Post
And this is your first wheeling season with an 80, correct Bruce? Give it a little more time and I'm guessing you will really settle in to that scene. Might even have a Nakman burrito warmer - got a fridge yet?. Yeah, I'm thinking that 80s make for good wheeling times.
Good pics. Moab appears to be ready for the Toyota onslaught in a short while.
When you really get into 80s you'll have access to the super secret ARB hot tub. The one other thing I don't miss is working on it. I mean I work on it now then to do some mantainence but I'm not constantly working on it.

The weather looks like it was beautiful. I'm not making CM and it appears I'm not even going to make it Moab at all this year which is not normal for me. But I have a lot of travel involved this summer so that is good. I can't wait to see some CO trails in August.
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