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Got this e-mail today, I'm still a little concerned about my "safety inspection" I'm dropping off wife and kids at DIA at 1:00 on the 1st . Figure I'm in Moab about 8pm. Still doing safety inspection at that time? Then down to find the overnight group by about 11pm? Am cool or should I be concerned about someone making sure my parking brake works? 1554 is the grease that fixes the squeeky wheel correct?


I'm Troy DeMill, I'm one of the trail leaders for this run. We are indeed meeting away from Moab. Here are the directions to the camp

The trailhead/camp is approximately 15 miles south of Blanding. Directions: Head south from Moab on 191 to Blanding (83 miles). Head south out of Blanding, and at approximately 5 miles, turn right (west) onto 95, towards Lake Powell. Go about 10 miles. After cutting through Comb Ridge, road will drop into Comb Wash. At the bottom of the canyon, there will be a dirt road on the left to camp (primitive). There is room for camp trailers, etc. Coordinants are:
N 37 30' 41.381"
W 109 39' 19.004"


618,865.70M E
4,152, 234.22M N

When I drove to this area it was dark as it sounds like it will be for you too. When you come through Comb Ridge,( it is an area where they cut a lot of rock to get the road through) the road bends to the right and drops down off the ridge. You'll see the lights of camp at the bottom of the valley. Watch for the road to the left and come on back. Plenty of areas to camp here.

You won't need extra gas if you gas up in blanding. the trails are not too long and camp isn't too far from Blanding. You will get some pin striping! If your not lifted you'll also drag bumpers. I'm lifted in my lexus and I still managed to drag my rear bumper pretty good. Arch Canyon is easier, more sand type driving. Hotel Rock is more rock crawling with ledges etc..

Let me know if you have any other questions. Sorry I didn't get back earlier, I was out yesterday.

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