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Default Mini air compressors

Mostly what it said. Yep on the mud forum is doing a group buy on these little air compressors that are really a good value. You can read about them on a couple of the links. you can buy them locally for around 70 at pep boys. He looks to have gotten it down so far for about 42 plus shipping. I personally have not had one, but I have liked all the reviews I have read about. According to the reviews they have been holding up well, will fill tires in a resionable amount of time. A national mag rated them real well.
Mostly I wanted to give a head up, I have order a couple for my self to have if needed as a back up to the CO tank, for the wife's car.
He is placing the order on monday and will not take requests after that to buy in on this order. later robbie

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