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We were shoveling so much there wasn't time for pictures. I think Tony got quite a few, maybe he'll share. Fun but frustrating day for me, I too learned a lot about winching and snow driving techniques - though I'm not sure I'm ready to barrel through the woods as fast as Scott was!

All the times I got stuck (10 or 12 I think?) has got me thinking about springover with high-steer, 36 swampers, FJ60 power steering, dual batteries+winch, OBA and maybe a front locker, though that wouldn't have helped Sunday - tires with enough float to stay on top of the corn snow were definitely the order of the day! Though it raises a question Wes has posed before - at which point do the trails just become too easy?

Brahma definitely got a shakedown workout since tearing into the top end of the engine. Steve's comment about not letting up and wanting to see tires spinning like a banshee before giving in gave me images of andrew farmer and his 6500 rpm FJ40 Gertrude on MUD . I did my best by flooring it in 2nd low and eventually with some pushing was able to barrel through the spring hanger-eating icy concrete slush. yuck. Thanks again Scott and everybody for the help and patience getting me out!

Chains were no good, they just dug down faster and got you stuck faster Sunday. Does anybody have my T-handle for my chains? I think I dropped it on the trail when I was removing my chains.
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