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There were 7 of us. Steve Rudy, Matt Miller, Mike Brown, Loren and various others. The conditions were absolutely the worst I have seen, you would be constantly thrown into the downhill side of the road and into trees and it wouldn't take much to get high centered. It wasn't very much fun trying to get through the trail with this happening all the time and we didn't get much wheelin' in at all.

The first left hand turn from the parking lot up the dirt road road had an icy section that would put you right into the trees. This was were Ric ran into trouble the other week from Kevin's cross post. I might have been able to squeeze through but didn't want to take the group through there. So we went back to the parking lot and around the other way on the road the advanced group on the snow and pizza run went. That road wasn't any better but we gave it a go.

Without a lift, larger tires with aggressive tread, winch and snatch block, you were totally reliant on others to get you through. Thank goodness Steve Rudy was there with his winch and eager beaver attitude, we spent so much time in "recovery" mode is was ridiculous. The conditions were such that without a winch and snatch block several rigs would have slid off the road or have been wasted against trees (including mine -I broke out my rear side window on a branch - driver error). Also thanks for Matt Miller for always being helpful with his proper shovel, staying on top of his rigs situation and position even though he had so many problems getting high centered and setting an good example of being prepared with proper footwear, food and general awareness of the situation. I certainly concluded a few things that will change on how I setup runs in the future - especially these spring snow runs.

I'll post some pictures tonight.
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