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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
The 7800 is a true dual band radio (in that it receives and transmits on both 2m and 70cm), but only has one tuner. The 8800 has two VFOs, so it can tune two bands simultaneously. I have a 7800 and like it a lot, but having two tuners would be nice. But my $0.02 is that the 8800 isn't quite as friendly to operate while moving, so I decided to live without it. If Yaesu made the 8800 with the lighted buttons and big display of the 7800, I'd think about going that way.

definitely agree, there's only so much you really want to try to do while driving.... those buttons are small and not lit on the 8800, and kind of a pain. OTOH, you can custom the P1-P4 buttons on the handset to do some common stuff (like scan, adjust output power, toggle between the two bands, etc.) so you can minimize the times you actually have to touch the buttons on the faceplate. I wish those little buttons were backlit like on the 7800... but I'll take the dual tuners! thanks for clearing that up, Dave.
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