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Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
Hey, how often are you guys using 70cm, anyway? Any? Is there any reason to get the 7800 over the 2800 if you're not using UHF? The 2800 gives you 65 watts instead of 50 watts, too.
To be honest the only reason I bought a dual band was for the remote mount head unit. I installed it with a 2meter only ant. I recently got a dual band antenna and it has opened up a whole new world. 70cm seems every bit effective as 2meters is around town. There are enough ops on 70 to keep things from getting boring yet it's not as crowed as 2meters esp. at rush hour.

I can definitely see the utility of 70 in the back country for short haul QSOs.

The difference between 50 and 65 watts is negligible, on paper anyway. I have no 1st hand to ofter here, may be Nathaniel or Dave can explain it better. I seem to recall a rule of thumb that to double your range you need to quadruple your power. So if 50 watts gets you 50 miles you need 200 watts to get 100 miles.
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