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Originally Posted by Hulk

Photoshop allows you to record a group of steps, save this as an "action", and then you can automate the process on a directory of images, saving these to another directory. I'd hook you up with a copy, but considering the hardware you're running, I think you'd just be frustrated. 128 MB of RAM isn't enough to boot Photoshop these days.

Maybe it's time to hook yourself up with a wicked cool laptop and enjoy the new century. All that money you've got buried in the ground ain't gonna do you much good when you're underground yourself.

Yeah, @Home is history. They bought Excite during the peak of the Internet bubble, which cost them a bundle. Eventually they went belly up. They had some great technology at the time -- it's too bad they're no longer around.
As you've probably surmised by now, I'm not using photochop. I have Adobe Photodeluxe, which is the stripped down version of chop that came with my printer and two different Umax scanners. It doesn't have that feature, but does allow a 1 to 10 compression control as you referred to in your earlier post, along with progressive versus baseline jpg saves. As an aside, the software that came with my relatively new HP scanner totally sucks compared to the software that came with the Umax scanners. As we both endured the yellow streaks on our Umaxs, you know the Umax hardware was crap. But in my experience, the HP software is crap, even though the scanner itself is fine. <sigh>

I don't have $$ buried in the ground, and though I'm doing okay, I try to be prudent. My mom used to have a saying, which I still live by: "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without". I got this computer for free, spent $20 on a modem and $75 for a used 17" monitor. It still works, but as you allude to, it is getting more and more frustrating. I scour the registry periodically with power tools making sure I am not having to load invalid keys so boot doesn't take 15 minutes, but at some point I have to ask what my time is worth. I am resigned to having to get a new computer for home one of these days, but as long as this one still works it's an excuse to put it off.

Next thing you know I'll be driving an 80 or (shudder) a 100 :-)
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