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Default ....just say no!

Ok....I'll come clean. I think this Ham stuff is way cool and I know if I don't diss it and justify NOT getting into it I can avoid it for a while. I do not need another hobby nor do I need to throw $1000's at another thing I don't have the time for! I had a friend back in Greeley when I was young impress the crud out of me with his communication/"reach out and talk to somebody" equipment. His passion did bleed over on me a tad and got me into kickers and the like but I resisted his 2M passion. The most impressive gadget he had (in my opinion) was a 100' tower with remotely adjustable antenna head couple to a 1000watt kicker and a 23 channel "heathkit" cb base unit that he could "skip" east or west and talk to fellow airwave nutcases in Aussieland. I was always blown away by that!
Looking through the window and watching you guys get into this and seeing and researching the equipment has me interested of course but for now I'm gonna resist and see who is still into it when the novelty wears off. I can resist....I can resist....I can.......
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