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Let me lay some trickery on you. Colorado I'm not entirely sure what the law says. Utah, (where I grew up) the vehicle had to pass an annual safety inspection, any crack in the drivers view 8 1/2 X 11 directly in front of the drivers face - fail. Anywhere else - fine. Which street legal do we need to be? Colo or Utah since that is where the event is held Utah also has/had some very strict lift laws when I lived there.

As safety chair, I would say as long as the crack is not in you direct vision, like pass side or below windshield wipers it's probably ok. If it's in front of you or not done cracking and heading towards in front of you I'd probably get it fixed.

And Justin, if it is ok by these standards and someone at tech gives you grief, come find me.


And if your dad thinks it should be replaced - then you probably better.

Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
Justin and I are discussing the 'street legal' part. So would the standard be, if you would get a ticket you won't pass inspection?

I would assume so, but that is an assumption. I suggested Justin ask a cop, saying he is tight on $$$ but wants to do the right thing, is it ticketable. That kind of question. The crack does go all the way across the portion of the windshield that the wipers wipe.

Am I steering him right?

I'd feel awkward passing my son with a big crack, then what would I say to someone else... I'd have to have someone else pass him. Favoritism, that kind of perception thing.

I've been known to be a bit, um... tight, is that the word?
What say ye?
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