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Originally Posted by ScaldedDog View Post
If we're picking nits about street legal, we're all screwed:

Section unconstitutional. This section's flat prohibition against any motor vehicle suspension system alteration, except the installation of heavy duty shock absorbers or springs, is unconstitutionally overbroad. People v. Von Tersch, 180 Colo. 295, 505 P.2d 5 (1973) (decided prior to 1975 amendment).[/i]

As I understand it, the "except in accordance..." section was added in 1975 to try to make it constitutional again, and there are no appellate cases on record since then. As far as I know, "the department" has never established the specifications mentioned above. I have been pulled over for this, though not ticketed.

So, all y'all with them fancy modified suspensions need to stay home. Those of us with stockers can still attend.

The vehicle must be legally registered and insured. If it's not, technically it's not allowed.

Non-DOT approved bead locks are "illegal". Some of the Proffitt's guys were ticketed last year for running bead locks. What happens during EJS? I don't know.
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