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Originally Posted by Romer View Post
I have an aux fuse block above my brake cyl in the engine bay. I run all the stuff I want constant power to from it.

I have 3 extra power outlets (Engel Frig, PocketPC, Other toys), CB, Ham radio and one other thing? ( I have a 6 fuse box).

Each item on it's own circuit. The spec on yaseau said it consumes 10Watts of power max.

I ran 10 gauge wire from the fuse block back for the rear power outlets and also for the ham radio. 10 Gauge is rated to carry 14 Amps and this is conservative (don't get sued rating).

I run 8 Gauge from the battery post to the fuse block.

I run 12 -14 gauge for the CB (Can't remember)

If you take the trim off the kickpanel and the floor trim that sits under the dorr when closed, you can run it back easily at the edges so you can have easy acccess. I have all the wires going back on the pass side under the trim (not carpet) and it's no issue.

I find a good ground for stuff in the rear of the truck and connect a lug there to eleiminate ground loops. Need to valiadte with an ohm meter.

Feel free to come over tonight and I'll show you. I should be in the garage putting the Dual filler neck in to finish my subtank install.
Ken, are you going to be around this weekend? I want to come see your wiring and fuse box.

Where did you buy the fuse box? Online? I want to have the parts in hand for my radio install this weekend.

In my 40, I have this fuse box from West Marine (the 6 fuse one), which fixed all my electrical problems. I don't remember it being $43 bucks, though!
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the club voted to not tell Matt Farr what happened at the meeting.
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