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Christo sells 2nd fuse boxes (can't remember how much though) that mount to the rear heater as shown in this tech article: 2nd fuse box

I did some searching online on the inline fuse he shows in the picture on the tech article and found NW Power Products website. They have a downloadable catalog that you can peruse to get some good ideas for "stuff".

I have no idea about their prices as I haven't ordered anything from them but the catalog gave me a lot of ideas. My plan is to install the 2nd fuse box as shown in the Slee tech article but I'll be using 4ga to feed it. Probably overkill but 6ga doesn't seem to exist anywhere and 8ga seemed too small based on the chart found on page 30 of the NW Power Products catalog. I forsee powering the CB, power outlets, maybe an inverter, and who knows what else off it so figure I'd plan big just in case

I also found a place online (I like to home shop ) that seems to be good for cable, connections, etc. especially if you can find what you need on close out. They sell a bunch of different manufacturer's stuff like Street Wires. Checkout Mitek Factory Outlet, especially the closeouts. No clue if the pricing is good but I got real tired of driving around looking for what I needed/wanted. If you (or anyone else) orders from them once you get your order ready call them for a shipping quote. The online "store" stated it would be like $93 for shipping . I called and the lady told me the online 'estimator' sucked as it just did a percentage. They boxed up the stuff and UPS ground shipping ended up being $15.

Won't help you with what you want to do for this weekend but just some thoughts for future. I've got all the crap now to do a bling 2nd fuse box install but no time to get it done before Moab so it'll have to wait
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