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I think if you go out into the woods it's your responsibility to know where you are going, doing and happening in your surroundings. I think it's fine to be on a well established hiking trail without orange during hunting season but to walk around aimlessly picking up rocks or whatever is irresponsible to not know your surroundings.

I get tired of people thinking its someone else's responsibility to enlighten them rather than an individual to take responsibility for thier own actions. Does a Cop pull you over to let you know the speed limit? no it's your responsibility to know.

I also hope they told you to never to shoulder your rifle or scope your target without knowing 100% what your looking at. If you are unsure of your target that's what binoculars are for..

That's my rant.

Also a nice book to read for Hunters and Non Hunters is a book called "In defense of hunting"
See you on the trail
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