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I lived in Breckenridge during the fall of 1989. Had a great house up in the Baldy Mtn. townhomes, for anybody who knows the area. My room-mates and neighbors and I developed a mountain biking trail during the summer and early fall by linking a series of single tracks, jeep trails, Boreas Pass, mine tailings and game trails that completed a perfect loop from our houses and back. Ideal trail, no back tracking, lots of spinning on Boreas pass to warm up, lots of technical single track, and lots of fast fast single track DH. We called it the Death Trail, and we rode it every single day, rain or shine. Took about an hour for in shape 20 year olds if we pushed it pretty hard (this was before shocks, except for a couple rich kids)

Until one day we were riding and lo and behold, parked in a meadow off of Boreas pass was a couple RV's. It was like something from a joke, these guys were in full orange, sitting on lawn chairs, shooting at cans IN THE TRAIL and passing a bottle of Jack around. Not to mention the fact that they drove off the FS road into the meadow by virtue of heavy use of the skinny pedal, if the ruts they left were any indication.

They kindly stopped shooting for all of about a minute, once they noticed us which took a few minutes of us shouting "HEY, don't kill us!".

Since that time I don't leave my vehicle if I'm in the woods in the fall, and I sure as hell don't let my Golden Retriever run around. I'm far from anti hunting, in fact I like tasty meat (hint hint hunters with over flowing freezers ) but it only takes one idiot to ruin your day or end your life.

If I wasn't raised in an environment that saw the positive aspects of hunting, it's easy to see how I would be like one of those guys who hates 4 wheelers simply because they see all the trash in left hand canyon. Hell, if I wasn't a 4wheeler, I would hate them/us because of all the trash.

That's getting close to 20 years ago, and the sound of those .357's (cuz you need that hand cannon when you're deer hunting "It's coming right at us....") is still very vivid in my mind.

It's scary out there.
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