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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
Traction is not the problem! I would worry about punctures and please don't take this personal but when I read that your tires are worn and no front signals it sends up caution flags in my mind as to overall maintenance. Marginally maintained vehicles WILL break in Moab!
Haha yea. Maybe I just need to clarify... I am just finishing a full off body reso mod, everything has either been replaced or there are no issues with maintenance..the whole thing only has about 40 miles on it! Its just that I had to dissasemble things for my painter and wont have time to get the turn signals set back up before I leave...In regards to the tires- they are just what I have been using throughout the build to get it around...and I just havent had the time to replace them...also since I have only put like 40 miles on havent been my main priority form preparing for CM.
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