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Originally Posted by wesintl
... I think it's fine to be on a well established hiking trail without orange during hunting season but to walk around aimlessly picking up rocks or whatever is irresponsible to not know your surroundings.


I also hope they told you to never to shoulder your rifle or scope your target without knowing 100% what your looking at. If you are unsure of your target that's what binoculars are for..
It's a common line of reasoning among those who do not hunt big game in close timber. One that is reasonable, will not get you killed most likely, and one with which I could not disagree more. Even when on established trails or roads, wear orange this time of year.

Guess where I was, when the hunter above saw me in his scope?

From a hunter's perspective, I agree with your cautions. 100% sure of the target, and the backdrop? Absolutely, in target practice and in the classroom. From a target's perspective, I have other thoughts. In the field, just how sure are you that the hunter you've never met is 100% sure that behind the dark, thick timber you are not - if you have no orange, especially? Is 100% really achievable in less-than-ideal conditions in the field? Especially when he's got elk fever? If you've ever gone big game hunting you get a pretty good idea just how easily tragedy can happen to responsible people. Don't bet your life on his 100%.

This year I came across some hikers who wore brown. I cautioned them and they responded with the reasonable line of thinking you espouse. I gave them an orange poncho, which they gratefully accepted, and gratefully returned on their way out - it sunk in for them, and made a good impression for hunting too. Share the wisdom.

Wearing orange vests and a cap may cost one $5-10, and maybe will impact one's color coordination at worst. I had a haircutter who wore brown in the woods in the fall and was just mortified that people were allowed to shoot in the forest. Orange? Oh, horrors, it's ... just... so... gauche... Survival of the fittest came to mind. It was a lousy haircut too...:p
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