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I have to wait for the Hotel Rock overnight Permit to show up on Monday about 10:30.... I used to wheel and camp in Dark Canyon and Beef basin back in the early 90's (with 2 jeeps).. there are some AWSOME Anasazi Ruins there.
look real careful because the good ones can be hard to see, and blen in well (i guess that why they are still there).

If i would have known sooner i would have headed out there with ya... The trail going to E-hill from there had 1 tricky spot (again back in 95), but your rig will have no problem. There are also some trails down there that can give you some interesting pin stripes because of the overgrown brush.

Perry we can plan a trip out there this fall. it's been a few years but i think i could remember where some of those really cool ruins are if you are up for a bit of hiking...
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